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 Wait what???

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PostSubject: Wait what???   Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:16 am

Hey guys!So i made this new category in our forums.Its about IHM Chronicles.
So what is IHM chronicles?
Well, its a campaign-like map that features the story of most IHM maps characters.
I'll be doing IHM's hero first which is henris or ivan.
A pic of Ivan's hero:
Ha! Well his weapon and armor is different from War of the 2nd year hs students right?
well thats part of the story being an apprentice of a powerful overlord and then finding his way through to the war and learning more about his life.
Well ihm chronicles will be fun it will feature some really cool things and may feature some skills of the hero that are not seen on other Ihm maps.
Like Ivan-Henris changing his skills in ihm chronicles:
Dark Impulse
The map will take time to be finished.But don't worry cause the team will be working harder for it.
Next chronicles: Theo
So wandering what theo's story will be like?
Read his description in war of the 2nd year hs students
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Wait what???
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